Our Services

Domain Name Registration

We can look for a domain name to use for your on-line presence – one that matches your business.  Domain names require re-registering either annually or every 2 years depending upon the suffix.  We will register and maintain this for you.


Basic Website Hosting + E-mail

Our rates for basic hosting are low.  Included in this service are 100% uptime.  We use one of the largest providers in the World and employ virtual servers.  Any hardware issues are automatically circumvented by switching to alternate hardware – you will see no impact on your website & no loss of service.

Email is included in this package – up to 10 e-mail addresses of your choice matched to your own domain name, e.g. admin@company.co.uk, info@company.co.uk, first.last@company co.uk etc.  If you need more we can arrange that too.


Website Hosting Plus

In addition to the Basic Hosting service, Hosting Plus includes monthly analysis and reporting on your website.  This service includes basic security testing for vulnerabilities, checking for broken links in your site, and all-important SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) analysis and recommendations.  Together, these help ensure the integrity of your site, and help you get the best listing possible on search engines e.g. Google listings.


Website Analysis

This is a consultancy service that looks at your website to asses how this fits your business requirements.  The starting point is business analysis – what do you want to do and how will this be done.  We look at all aspects including business process that you will use.  For example, if you want to generate sales leads how would you like to receive and handle them – by email messages or perhaps just a list, what details will you need to collect?  We can suggest ways to help you build your site for maximum efficiency, and to match the way you work – not to make it more complicated !


Complete Website Building

This complete consultancy service leading to us building the whole site for you, based upon your business requirements.  At an initial meeting we will collect requirements, analyse these, and come back with some options (and possibly some questions).  This process will allow us to develop a High Level Design (HLD) for your approval prior to work commencing.

This is a service should be added on top of our Website Hosting Plus to ensure that we continue to optimize and support your on-line requirements