About Us


As Director of Abramelin I worked in IT for over 40 years as a Programmer, Systems Analyst, Computer Manager, and as a consultant looking at IT systems for business.  This has included testing systems, and working with business analysts to ensure processes fit business requirements.  Over the years, I have worked for many large companies, including many household names.

Abramelin allows me to provide the same help and consultancy to small and medium businesses, providing website services.


What we do now

We moved into web design and support some years ago.  Making use of the latest technologies we are in a position to offer support to small and medium sized companies, who need affordable and effective website solutions.

  • Domain Name Registration
  • Build and manage your own website (we can provide the tools)
  • Website Hosting
  • We can build and manage a website for you
  • Consultancy based upon your business needs
  • Or, just transfer your existing site to us for better support

Low basic monthly rates for hosting and support – only pay for what you need


The Abramelin Difference

Websites should fit the business requirements, not the other way around which can happen if you choose an off the shelf website package.

The question to ask is ”what does the business want to do”, not “what does the business want its website to look like”.  For example you may want to connect with customers using all possible methods, using social media as well as e-mail – your website should therefore be built to support this.  We can give you the tools to match your business, and allow you to set up your own website according to your needs.